Kiwi Manuka work in partnership with Maori landowners whose farms in remote areas of New Zealand are rich with stands of the indigenous Manuka trees. These partners are rewarded from product sales through the Ethical Honey Harvest programme which then has positive benefits for all the communities involved.

Manuka has a long history for use as a traditional medicine for healing as well as a food source. Kiwi Manuka ensure their honey and honey products are of a high quality for your good health. You can trace Kiwi Manuka's honey right back to the hive through their Manuka Originz logo that is placed on every jar. Kiwi Manuka use square PET jars with tamper-evident screw caps for their Manuka Honey so you can be sure your honey is protected.

High quality standards around the harvesting and processing of the honey ensures a pure product. Caring for the land, the bees and the hives through sustainable and ethical practices supports a healthy future for this beneficial resource.

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