As two British expatriates living In Hong Kong, the definitive 24-hour city, we learned how easy it can be to burn the candle at both ends whilst neglecting what are important: sleep and relaxation.

Suffering from sleep deprivation and acute insomnia, we have tried every sleep product under the sun: from sleeping pills and melatonin to teas, sleep masks and weighted blankets.

Inspired by our research, we decided to design our own range of products with our specific needs in mind. That is, products that would not compromise on style and comfort, nor cut corners with functionality.

We also observed that the majority of the products offered on the market were, and are, made from plastic, synthetic or non-vegan friendly materials (such as silk). With sustainability close to our hearts, we want to ensure that all of our products are made from ethical and sustainable materials that don’t compromise our planet, animals or people.

We aim to cut through the noise of wellbeing fads to deliver you functional luxury products that work, without making environmental compromises.

We believe that luxury and function can, and should, go hand in hand with sustainability.