The Story

Everything started in Marseille, a peaceful city where Paul Auziere founded a company named after him in 1856. He began to sell products based on the distillation of essential oils and natural materials from the colourful and sunny countryside of Provence.

He had the intuition to use blends of essential oils that he distilled locally as a natural solution to enhance his wife’s well-being. Results were outstanding. That was the beginning of the aromatherapy reflection.


People look for the little things that can make their life more serene. Being by your side everyday, Auziere products offer ways to reach inner balance and harmony. Healing the body and the mind at the same time thanks to essential oils.

Auziere brings natural solutions based on the power of aromatherapy and Nature.

Our Engagement

Auziere offers organic essential oils and ready-to-use essential oils-based products. Simple and natural answers against factors that impact your well-being. All natural ingredients are selected with extreme care and are compliant with our quality charter.

Ready-to-use products are made in France to ensure a maximum quality and traceability.

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6 Results

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